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What is a Primary Survey?

Primary Survey

Understanding and executing a Primary Survey is crucial for providing effective emergency care. Here's a simplified guide tailored for nursing students to ensure you remember the essential steps during an emergency.

What is a Primary Survey?

A Primary Survey focuses on the body's primary need: oxygen. The key question to ask yourself is whether the victim is breathing or not.

Steps to Perform a Primary Survey:

  1. Check the Scene for Safety:

  • Ensure the area is safe for both you and the victim.

  • Assess the victim to determine if they are breathing or not.

  1. Call for Help:

  • Dial 911 or ask someone else to call immediately.

  1. Care for the Victim:

  • If the victim is breathing but unconscious: Gently roll them into the recovery position to maintain an open airway and prevent choking.

  • If the victim is not breathing: Begin CPR immediately.

C) - Compressions = Circulation - 30/2 "30 Compressions & 2 Breaths"

A) - Airway = Oxygenation

B) - Bring Tools = AED and Advanced Emergency Professionals

Remember These Key Points:

  • Protect Yourself: Ensure your safety first to avoid becoming a victim yourself.

  • Call 911: Time is critical in emergencies. Get professional help on the way as soon as possible.

  • Act Quickly: Your prompt actions can save a life.

Disclaimer: This material is for informational purposes only and is sourced from the Canadian Red Cross, Alberta Heart & Stroke Foundation, and Alberta Health Services. It should not replace medical advice, technical instruction, or treatment. For any questions, consult your physician or a local safety training facility.

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Stay prepared, stay safe, and make a difference in emergencies!

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